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Hey my loves💕 hope you having best summer😉 I do 🔥😇 Привет мои любимые! Хотела поделиться ответом на самый часто задаваемый вопрос от девчонок😄. Я сделала грудь у @dr_vardan и я абсолютно счастлива и довольна результатом. Идеальная форма, все мягко натурально, без изъян. Если кто из вас решился на такой шаг, очень рекомендую именно его. Это не дёшево, но не в коем случае не экономьте на таких вещах. Я бы никогда не решилась на такой шаг, если бы не роды, когда всё надувалось потом сдувалось. А вообще любите себя такими какие вы есть😘





@FashionNova has me covered with the hottest outfits no matter what I come across 😄 And helps me stay on the budget🤑


The nudity can be vulgar or can be an art. The difference is that art gives an emotion or tells you a story. And when nudity is made with only reason to make you horny it’s vulgar My thoughts


I told @ulasemole ’s parents that I want a baby goat. The next morning she’s like your goat is outside. I thought it’s a joke 😁 I love that baby 🐐 too much 😍 One of my dreams is to be a farmer girl and to have all these animals just to pet them all the time🤗♥️


What up guys😏


Just wanted to smile for you on this beautiful day and say hi🤗


Would you wanna go on a desert island with me 🏝 Knowing that there is no way to go back evaaa?


Your goalkeeper is already on the field waiting for you to join🥅 Who wants to kick some balls? ⚽️ ⚽️


All my life since I grew up I work my ass off in gym to be in good shape. My main goal is to have booty, ofcourse. Because without gym I d had 0. Sometimes I struggle to loose weight. I always eat healthy, but it’s never enough. To start loosing weight I need to eat mostly vegetables and do cardio an hour everyday. Then comes a moment when I become leaner and happy with my body. Not for long. I continue loosing weight. I’m eating as much I can , 10 000 colories a day but I continue loosing kilos and all my muscles that I worked so hard for. My ass becomes flat. After 2-6 months being skinny as fuck I start to get weight. And again I can’t normally stop this process. I become fat and takes so much afford to become skinny again. That’s my life cycle. So exhausting. Nobody is perfect guys, especially not me. Even when I achieve my body goals. There will be people saying that I’m fat or disgustingly skinny.


Hope you having great Monday Guys !♥️ Here is little game to make you some $$$. If we like these games I’ll make them regularly 🤗 Guess what time I was born? Time range 5 mins. Sending 100$ to first 5 of you💰 Will share results 😘 Ребятки, привет! Решила провести маленький конкурс для вас🎊 Отправлю 6500 на карту, тому, кто угадывает время моего рождения в диапазоне 5 мин. Победят первые 5 угадавших🤗


When you have a pimple. Best solution for any skin problem 👌🏼


Second day on Gili. Doesn’t stop raining. So I haven’t really seen it yet. Tomorrow in Bali is Nyepi celebration. That’s why I left to Gili. It’s a day when people are not allowed to live their houses, can’t turn on the lights, no internet😁and sit in silence, not allowed to make any noises.That’s all very strict, police controls it. And no flights no boats in and out. I think it’s cool, I wanna go to silent retreat one day. But this sitting locked in houses thing reminds me The Purge movie 😂 What you think guys, do you wanna holiday like this one in your country? 😄


Your perception of me is a reflection of you ✨


Hi my dears! ♥️ I just realized that I haven’t posted for a week 🤷🏻‍♀️ Did you miss me?🤗 Lately I wasn’t using my phone a lot. I forget sometimes that it exists. Don’t know where it is. And when I get it, reply few messages and forget about it again. Living like this makes me much happier and more present person, enjoying life. Being connected to you is the only thing I miss. What was the longest time you were not using your phone? Now I’m in Uluwatu @akileavillas this place is so perfect 😍


All that girls love 💕 🌺🛁🍕 & @BangEnergy Follow the inventor of Bang @BangEnergy.CEO #BangEnergy #EnergyDrink


I have vacation from vacation 😅 on this smallest gorgeous island Lembongan And I have nothing to wear . For real. It’s not even my shoes and hat. I have only bikini bottoms🤷🏻‍♀️ I love so much island life away from civilization. Away from attachments and materialistic stuff. Makes me reborn. But this time @ohanaslembongan made my escape too comfortable with a great service and veeeryy delicious food 😍😛


I hope you people don’t live in the illusion that you can not do whatever fuck you want. Or sacrificing your happiness to please the society or your parents And like a little kid still waiting for someone to tell you that you’re a good boy or a good girl. And I hope you kids out there are not planning to live your lives the way your parents want you to. And not becoming whomever you want to.


Cooling off with @BangEnergy Follow the inventor of Bang @BangEnergy.CEO #BangEnergy #EnergyDrink


1, 2 or 3? 🙃 Have a great week 🤗


I think it’s not fair that boys can go public topless and wear whatever they want When girls been judged I want women to be free to wear whatever they want and be naked if they want to Who agree put «+» in comments


Living in 2019 when egg photo gets more likes then Kylie Jenner I feel world is ready to meet the EggWoman Support her please, she wants to have a record amount of likes on my account #liketheegg #eggsoldiers #egggang #TheEggWoman


That’s the best bike driver on the island 🏍 2 times drove 2 times crushed 👌🏼 who needs a ride?


Comment red emoji if you’re single ♥️ I hope you ‘d have more luck than this guy 🤣 Or you’d choose to be more open minded 🤫😁 All my alter egos love @BangEnergy Follow the inventor of Bang @BangEnergy.CEO #BangEnergy #EnergyDrink


This part of an island looks like Jurassic Park 😍🦖🌋 how many#eastereggs can find🤔 Btw @wapadiumesidemen is great place and not expensive can recommend if you’ll come to Bali👌🏼


Day in Costa Rica with my Brazilian sis and extra energy from @BangEnergy 👯‍♀ Follow the inventor of Bang @BangEnergy.CEO #HangingWithBang #BangEnergy #EnergyDrink


I’m tanning ☀️ would you join?🚿😁 Do you think it’s a photo or video?


We figured that we like bubble bra, thank you guys🤗😘♥️ Now how about flower bra? Do you like it?🌺 Thank you @wapadiumesidemen so sweet that you surprised us with this bath🌺😍


Do you like my bubble bra? 🛁 Today in beautiful @wapadiumesidemen

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